Sierra Pacific is a third-generation, family-owned and operated maker of top quality wood windows and doors. As the largest private forestland owner in North America, Sierra Pacific leads the way with a forestry philosophy grounded in scientific research that exceeds the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.


A favorite of architects and homeowners alike, Sierra Pacific windows come in every operating style you could wish for. Sierra Pacific Windows offer almost unlimited flexibility in the shapes, mulling possibilities and lite configuration of windows and doors. Beautiful and efficient, you'll find everything and anything you're looking for.

Residential multi-lite windows in rustic cabin style home

Legacy of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Low-E glazing is just the beginning. Simple, yet effective, innovations like polymer structural foam and simulated divided lites make these windows among the most efficient on the market today. For architects seeking to earn LEED credits, Sierra Pacific windows are an excellent choice.

"Unlimited flexibility in shapes and styles"

With fastidious attention to detail from timber to sash, Sierra Pacific manages nearly 1.9 million acres of forestland in California and Washington to the highest standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Minnesota wood windows

Sierra Pacific Hallmarks & Highlights

  • Designer hardware in as many has 11 finishes
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Unlimited cladding colors
  • Nine glazing options to match your exact climate and exposure
We provide value engineering expertise and problem solving capabilities that come from years of experience working on complex projects.

Premium aluminum and wood windows

Premium Windows & Doors

Aluminum clad windows and doors, done to perfection. Beautiful wood inside. Weatherproof, maintenance-free, aluminum cladding outside. Sierra Pacific's architecturally driven product for everyone and every home.


Innovative, industry-leading and aesthetically superior, the Aspen Collection is truly unique. What impresses most is what you don’t see. With this extraordinary breakthrough in window technology, the locking hardware, normally visible on the side jamb of the window, is hidden. Complete the ambiance with an optional wood veneered screen that virtually disappears into the frame of the window.

High-tech mid-prices residential windows

H3 High-tech, Mid-priced Windows

The H3 is Sierra Pacific's mid-priced window. Recently name "The most innovative window of the year." The inventive H3 design integrates extruded aluminum, vinyl, and solid wood into a single hybrid window. Featuring advanced energy efficiency and superior quality, these windows are a best-seller.

Adapting our services to fit the specific needs of a project is the hallmark of the Synergy experience.

Premium vinyle windows

SuperSeal Windows & Doors

Look closer and you'll discover that SuperSeal windows and doors mimic all the details of a premium wood window. Multi-chamber construction is heavy-duty and built-to-last. The SuperSeal collection offers premium options that are rare in vinyl fenestration: painted exteriors, high performance and decorative glazing, flat casing, and brickmould.

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