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Minnesota Pond Hockey creates Winter Synergy!

The North American Pond Hockey Championship brings over 90 hockey teams together while supporting local charities. This year the main campaigns were #GIVE16 as well as the local ALS Association.

Held on Lake Minnetonka the end of January, the event was certainly the talk of the town. And who was front row, the Synergy Products team! Sponsoring a rink for the first time as Synergy Products gave us a feel of community while having some fun as well. Along with our sponsorship, members from our crew sharpened their skates to play the great Minnesotan past-time.

Aside from the single-digit temperatures and subzero wind chills, the event held up to its glory. We were able keep the fun going by adding events for non-hockey participants including a bean bag tournament and live music, all hosted behind one of the local hot spots, Maynards.

We are looking forward to the temperatures holding true for next year, because we’ll be back!

For more information on the #GIVE16 mission visit or on the championship visit