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Product FAQs

Please review frequently asked questions about our products and exclusive brands.

How long does it take to receive product once we decide what we are purchasing?

Typically it takes 4-8 weeks for product to be delivered. Times may vary based on current manufacturing climate and COVID-19 delays.

Is there an installation warranty for products we buy at Synergy?

Our installations are performed by professional Certified installers, and comes with a full 2 year labor warranty. Read more about our product warranties under each product brands.

What if we are building a unique size door or window space, do you do custom products?

Synergy can find a door/window for any size, shape, or configuration you can think of. We like to say, “you draw it, We build it”.
See our Services.

What does a free consultation involve?

For our FREE consultation, we meet with you and discuss your project scope and needs. We then produce a quote with labor or product only.

We take pride in working with you to make sure that you are getting the right product for your space.

I have an architect, but really like what I see here, how do I communicate with the Architect? Do you help?

Synergy works with architects on  a daily basis. We have the knowledge and experience to collaborate with them.

What if I’m working with a contractor or architect? Do they get a better price?

As a certified re-seller of our brands, Synergy prices all of our products lines the same for all projects. Whether you are a builder, commercial or residential contractor, or independent home owner. We also price our products per piece,  regardless of the quantity purchased.

How do I know what’s best for my house/project?

With our knowledge base we will assess every situation differently. We are an honest company that wants our customers to be happy and completely satisfied that we were able to help their dream come true.

We will not push, provide or recommend products that are not needed, or require needed costs or features.

Installation FAQs

Review questions that may come up about Synergy Products and their installations.

How do you back your sub-contractors that install your products?

We follow up with ever install by sending our service team to do a walk through. Making sure that everything is up to “Synergy Standards”

What services do you provide once the product is installed?

Synergy has our own service team that will take care of any problems that come up under our warranty.

Each product comes with an industry leading Warranty that we support after installation as well.

Can we buy product and do the installation ourselves?

Whether you are a DIY expert or a commercial or residential contractor, we can help you find the right product fit for you and your home/project.

Why should I buy from Synergy rather than a lumber yard?

We consider ourselves a boutique lumber yard. We have years of experience with Windows and Doors that guarantees you get professional services with any installation. 

Having the knowledge and experience, we will make sure the products fit the first time!

Experience and knowledge is everything!!!

Showroom FAQs

Come visit our showroom to see our latest brand products and get a hands on demonstration to help you find the right product and orientation.

Do you follow guidelines for COVID-19 when meeting at your showroom?

Synergy takes our health and yours very serious. All meetings in the showroom must be by appointment, and all customers are required to wear a mask upon entry. In-home meetings are done with-in state safety guidelines and regulations.

Social distancing and masks always!!

How do I get an appointment to see your product lines?

Please email us at or call 952-224-2202 and we will have a product specialist talk with you to set up a safe socially distanced consultation.

Why should I buy from Synergy rather than a big box store?

Synergy provides one-on-one expertise with a knowledgeable staff of certified and trained in all of our brands sold. With our in-home visits and personalized service, we cant be beat to make sure you have the right product and brand for your special project!

We have our own qualified Synergy Service Team available during and after the installation of your project. 

See our Warranties page for more information.

Not Finding What Your Looking For?

We are here to help you regardless of the project size or complexity. We would be glad to give support of any kind, find the right product for your next project or share the latest industry news and trends.


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