Stephanie Nicholson

Stephanie Nicholson

Cabinet Design and Sales

Stephanie is a designer specializing in kitchens and baths.

Stephanie collaborates with dozens of customers each year on the cabinetry design for their home. Primarily focusing on kitchen cabinets; often she works with clients in the bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other rooms in their house.

Kitchens are the heart of the home and a great kitchen design can help transform a house to a home. Anyone can plop in a sink and a few key appliances to set up a kitchen that fits into the space in your home. Working with Stephanie you have access to her years of experience and eye for design. She will take you through a discovery process and together transform your house to a home. The kitchen may be in an apartment building, townhome, or a new or remodeled home, Stephanie has quality product for these different types of spaces and budgets.

Stephanie can discuss the current trends, what have been the trends in the past few years and talk about what is being projected as the up and coming trends in the marketplace. She will talk to you about what you see in this space from traditional, transitional to more modern design, and what is going to help with the value of your space.

Phone: 952-224-2202 ext. 565

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