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Loewen triple glazed windows

Heat-Smart® T or XT with TrueTriple™ Glazing

  • The ultimate performer in sealed unit technology
  • Two full half-inch airspaces filled
 with argon gas
  • Two layers of Low E2 coatings
  • Minimizes heat transfer and heat gain
  • Maximizes protection from UV rays

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Loewen Glazing Standards

Loewen uses 1/8" double strength glass, giving vast improvement to strength, durability and clarity over thinner glass.

All standard sealed units feature machine applied butyl primary sealant and polyisobutyl secondary sealant. This reduces the chance of seal failure, improves argon gas retention and increases strength.

Minimal use of exposed exterior caulking on glass surface for a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

All standard Loewen sealed units are argon gas filled with no spacer bar piercing**.

Glazing fabrication is automated.

Loewen automated glazing assembly line allows robots to excel at what they do best — precise, repetitive tasks — and lets skilled operators concentrate on issues of quality and performance. The robotic line creates Loewen sealed units with the glass in a vertical position, which prevents the irregularity caused by deflection (glass sagging during production) that can rob units of their hermetic seal over time.

Specially treated glass designed for southern exposures and hot climates is available. 

Heat-Smart T, XT

Better Protection from Heat and UV Transmittance

Loewen uses thicker glass than most other window manufacturers, making Loewen products more insulative, more soundproof and more resistant to impact. Plus, thicker glass is considerably more resistant to the stresses caused by fluctuations in temperature.

All Loewen Heat-Smart® Window Systems use argon gas and Low E2 technology to save you heating and cooling costs. For maximum efficiency choose Heat-Smart T and XT with TrueTriple™ Glazing.  

R-Value Heat-Smart glass units Loewen Windows

R-Value (U-Value)

Measures the resistance of heat transfer through the glass. Higher R-Value (lower U-Value) indicate greater insulating capabilities. R-Value (U-Value), measured at center of glass.

Solar Heat Gain Heat-Smart glass units Loewen

Solar Heat Gain

This chart measures the ratio of solar heat gain through a glazing system compared to an unobstructed opening.

UV Transmittance Heat-Smart glass units Loewen

UV Transmittance

Measures the percentage of ultraviolet radiated wavelengths allowed to be transmitted through the glazing system.


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