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Mahogany Loewen WindowTraditionally Rich with a short, light swirled pattern.

Exceptional natural resistence to decay and insect infestation.

Mahogany plantation extraction is controlled by the department of forestry

Mahogany is an ideal species for fenestration. It offers the same native characteristics as Douglas Fir, but in a darker colored hardwood alternative. Mahogany has an enduring impact and compressive strength, resistance to moisture and decay and great natural beauty. Loewen’s all-Mahogany window construction — no veneers or surface laminates — provides lasting beauty and Loewen quality. 

Mahogany is a dense hardwood with a hardness measure comparable to Douglas Fir (Douglas Fir 710 lbf, Mahogany 800 lbf). It is dent resistance with furniture-grade finish properties. Tightly interwoven grain resists splintering, accepts detailed profiling and solidly holds fasteners.Like Douglas Fir, Mahogany is dimensionally stable.  Carefully gathered from controlled sources, the rich, fine-grained beauty of Mahogany fits perfectly with the quality and refinement that homeowners, architects, designers and custom builders have come to expect from Loewen.

Sustainable Mahogony Production 

  • The Fijian Plantation grows Swietenia macrophylla (also known as Mahogany, Big Leaf Mahogany, etc.). 
  • Mahogany is not native to Fiji, it is an exotic crop that is being successfully farmed. 
  • There are 40,000 hectares (154 sq. miles) of manmade forest in Fiji. 
  • The Fijian Society is tribal based. Mahogany Plantations are all on Tribal lands and the trees are owned by the individual tribes. 
  • Extraction is controlled by the Department of Forestry, who has a National Code of Logging Practice. This code has been developed with oversight and assistance from the New Zealand Department of Forests, who has vast experience in Plantation development and management. 
  • Other Plantations of Mahogany have been tried in various countries, but most have failed due to problems with pestilence. The Fijian Plantations are the only mature plantations of Mahogany available for production.  

loewen mahogany window

Distinctively Loewen

Finish: Natural, clear Mahogany with no visible finger joints. Ideal for clear staining.

Construction: Mortise and tenon sash joinery gives added strength and structural integrity, keeping fabrication square and true. Sash, frame and glazing fabrication is identical to Loewen fir products.

Strength: Laminated cores dramatically increase strength and stability while reducing waste.

Versatility: Loewen offers literally trillions of possible product combinations and almost limitless custom capabilities. Personalize your choices with simulated divided lites, 36 exterior metal clad color options and a wide array of hardware and finishes.

Design Options

Available in Clad and Non-Clad

Distinct colors ranging from pink-red to brown when first cut. As the wood ages, it turns to its distinctive reddish-brown color. Colour variation and small, fine pin knots within the finished product is considered normal.

Exterior Brickmould and Interior Bullnose Jamb Extensions

Simulated Divided Lites and Grilles

HeatSmart®, StormForce™*, Tranquility™ 


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