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Loewen LiftSlide and Bifold doors are in a category all their own. More than a simple door, these entryways are a technical spectacle and visual pleasure. These doors can span floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Opening like windows, LiftSlide and Bifold doors afford panoramic vistas. Best of all, they open with an easy push allowing living to flow between inside and out.

Loewen products are distinctively crafted from Douglas Fir, a tight grained, resilient and workable wood. Plentiful and sustainable, this timber is naturally resistant to moisture absorption. Nearly 100% of the Douglas Fir used in the production of Loewen products comes from forests that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


The Loewen LiftSilde door makes any view panoramic, whether its the mountains, the lake, or the back yard. Expansive glass panels roll smoothly and easily, joining indoor and outdoor living spaces. Imagine effortlessly transitioning from patio to parlour.

- Up to 70 sq. ft. of glass per panel.

- Spanning openings up to 40' wide by 14' tall.

- Panels up to 850 pounds float effortlessly on "Barely There"™ tracks.

- LiftSlide doors can be manufactured in straight lines, curves and arcs, as well as corner and angle configurations.

- Thermally broken frames and panels.

- Optional thermally broken raised threshold with integrated drainage for applications without large overhangs.

- Optional Mahogany interior.



Safe and secure, Loewen Bifold doors fold to the outside to maximize utility of indoor spaces. Because each panel is hung from the top, opening the door is sure to be a breeze. Open, Bifold doors virtually disappear.



- Standard door heights up to 10’.

- Up to sixteen panels of up to 39” wide each.

- Do not require “pocket” walls.

- Panels open to the outside, maximizing interior square footage.

- Multi-point locking hardware and easy operating flush bolts.

- Utilizes Loewen's outswing bumper sill to eliminate water intrusion.

- Optional Mahogany interior.


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